"Digital Talks & Networking: SEO tips and 2023 news

w/ Fellyph Cintra "



Welcome to “Digital Nomads Talks & Networking” events!


Are you building your website and need to learn SEO basics? Do you need to improve the SEO of your company’s website?  


Join us on this SEO Workshop next Saturday, October 29!  


Fellyph Cintra is a front-end developer and Google Developer Expert who has worked on several projects such as news portals, advertising agencies, startups, and companies such as Blackberry, Deloitte, and Google.


Currently, Fellyph Works as a consultant for companies and content creators to have greater visibility of their content and products on the web.


At the next meeting, Fellyph will address SEO tips in his lectures and talk about SEO news for 2023. He has always liked to address issues such as User Experience and Performance, it may seem strange to some, but they are matters directly related to SEO, in your presentation, we will see how to improve your website's organic audience by paying special attention to these two items.


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Date: October 29

Place: The Collab  

Time: 10.30am  


Our event agenda:  

10.30am: Welcoming & Check-in  

11pm: SEO Workshop

12pm: Networking & Lunch


Donation: 10€ to 20€ 

Please note that your registration is validated only after payment has been confirmed. 


Limited seats: registration is necessary.  


Drinks & food are not included in the price.